A common tent- like sidewalk damage is called thermal buckling. This is a hazard for pedestrians and a liability concern for the property owners or city, not to mention ADA accessibility concerns.

It costs up to two thousand dollars to make the section level and safe again using the current system. 
A crew of three to five workers takes a day or two to make the repair, bringing various vehicles and pieces of equipment, then hauling the debris off to the landfill.  After that new concrete is trucked in and left another day to cure. Then the barricades are removed when someone remembers to pick them up. The site is disrupted for days.

Our solution with which two workers can make the same repair in two hours is called BuckleDown
It is a patented system and device that allows the sidewalk sections to be resized and lowered back into place,

as if the buckling had never happened.

This saves 50 to 70 per centover the cost of a normal repair.

The condition is found all over the country, not just in the warmer climates. From Miami to Seattle,  New York to Los Angeles-- which is also earthquake country having 4600 miles of damaged sidewalks. The responsibility for these repairs frequently rests with the property owner, not the city. So not only can the taxpayers be saved 50 to 70% on each repair, we can reduce the burden on the individual property owner as well.                         


Rapid,economical sidewalk repair